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V3 Renegade Scout. Aka the future

So I have wanted to do an update to Renegade Scout for a while, but the question of what to do has been bothering me for a long time.

"Unified Space" based skirmish gaming is getting a little crowded and the original goal of providing essentially an alternate rule set for old school 40K has been achieved. 

I think there is still room in the indie gaming space for a stat-heavy scifi wargame with an emphasis on points driven games, but which is more open ended than the big commercial offerings. 

The plan I have in mind for a third edition of Renegade Scout is essentially this:

A: Make a few rationalisations of the game rules to slim things down just a tiny bit. It'll still be a pretty detailed game, but try to shift some of that detail towards having more tactical options and less stat fiddling. This may break compatibility with 40K or it may not. 

There's also some obvious clunk that could use tidying up like hand to hand combat. 

B: Move the focus away from the Unified Space setting and instead towards more of a "build your own" scifi approach with more open-ended and generic troops. Im thinking maybe a trait system to allow building your own alien troops, as well as the possibility of working with figure manufacturers to provide stats for specific figures they own.

C: The original game won't disappear. It'll continue existing as a legacy game for the original purpose: Act as an alternative / hypothetical evolution of the original Rogue Trader. This means the folks who do use the rules with their old 40K armies are still able to do so. 

D: Continue work on making the game easier to use, both in unit building but also in having more ready to go scenarios you can plug your armies into. 

What do you think about this plan? Excited? Outraged? Strangely hankering for a burrito? Let me know.