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The rumour mill and other FAQs

It has been a little bit since we have done some Frequently Asked Questions. This time they are not rules ones but general business ones.

First and foremost, if you are a blog follower only you may not have said hi to the newest addition to the household:

Say hi to Lawrence, joining Ludwig and Lancelot. He looks like a bandit because he is a lovable little scoundrel.

Now on to the questions: As usual they are paraphrased from posts on facebook, discord or by email. I pick out questions that come up several times as well as ones that come up once, but I suspect they will come up again. 

Is there a plan for a new edition of Five Klicks?

Not planned at this moment We have discussed it but that is all so far.

Will there be expansions for Bug Hunt?

Not planned at this moment. I have some ideas for down the road though.

Will there be more Parsecs expansions?

I have started work on expansion 4 (I realise the count can be a bit confusing depending on whether you count the upcoming Compendium or Bug Hunt). So maybe it should be "number one higher than the number currently available" :) 

Will there be more Five Leagues expansions / a hardcover expansion book?

Expansion 2 is going through editing, I started writing expansion 3 and the plan is for them all to get a hardcover book down the road. 

Why can't I find all of your games on drivethrurpg?

Okay, so the way the site works is that while Wargame Vault and Drivethrurpg are technically the same store front and share accounts etc., they are basically two different front ends. When you upload a book, you have to choose which sites they are uploaded on. Since most of my games are miniatures games and not RPGs, I did not traditionally upload to drivethru. 

From a user perspective, it doesn't matter which site you purchase the PDF on, it is all linked to the same account in any event.

Will there be other games using the "5X" engine that are not Parsecs/Leagues?

Yes, you will see one soon and Modiphius has a range of plans.

Will there be other solo campaign games that are not 5X?

I am working on one yes.