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The New Era (tm)

Today I want to talk about the new era of Nordic Weasel Games.

That sounds very dramatic and potentially a little ominous so let me quickly reassure that everything is just fine. This is all good news.

As those of you who have been with me for a long time know, NWG has published a lot of games in the past with a pretty active release schedule for games and expansion material. I also used to maintain a number of “live” titles which received regular updates and additions. 

With the cooperation with Modiphius, things slowed down quite a lot to focus on those games (and a few secret projects). This is not going anywhere, but it is time to refocus and get back up to speed. 

This means a slate of new games I am working on including some pretty exciting things and updates to a select couple of old titles. Some of these projects are RPG’s, some are miniatures games, some are..well, you will have to wait and see. 

As we release these games, I am also going to get back in the swing of having regular update and expansion schedules. The idea is to time game updates (errata, clarifications etc.) roughly monthly and then release expansions at regular intervals. Some of this will depend on the exact title, reception and so forth of course.

I also want to clarify that these will not all strictly be solo campaign games. There will be a variety, though I do intend to keep an eye on solo players going forward of course. 

Additionally I will be expanding a bit with my wife picking up some editing and proof reading duties as we slowly turn NWG into a proper family business. Hopefully this also means more miniatures photography in the games and other such advantages.