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The job is to write

I was listening to an interview with an author last night and he said something that stuck out to me:

The job is to write.

What he meant was that once a book is done (or in our case a game, but plenty of game writers also fancy taking a stab at literature or history some day)  you can't go back and change it (some caveats apply for PDF releases). The responses and reviews will be what they are, but you can't do anything to change those (even if they are occasionally infuriating). 

What you should be doing is taking a deep breath and then getting on to the next book (game) because that is your actual job. 

I know this can flow together quite a bit because many modern game writers do like to keep in touch with the community and be more active whether its answering questions or talking to the fan base. That's a big part of getting a fanbase, I've always maintained. And "doing publicity" can be a lot of fun. I've done a number of podcast interviews and it was really fun to do. 

But at the end of the day the guy is right: Your job is to write books. That's what everyone is paying you for and that is what keeps your roof over your head. 

Life can be complicated but sometimes they can be distilled down to a beautiful simplicity and for me it is that I need to sit at the keyboard and write games.