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Q&A Round up 8

General questions:

Will you publish anything under the new ORC license?

Unlikely though a solid BRP system available under it could change my mind.

Weasel Tech questions:

Do individual swarm figures count as a kill for the "Contest" event?


Five Parsecs questions:

How does the "Looked worse than it was!" star option work with events or enemies that have special consequences such as vent crawlers?

Since the injury roll is ignored, any side effects, modifiers or restrictions are also ignored.

Should "Looked worse than it was!" be used before rolling or can I use it after I have rolled?

You can use it after rolling up all of your injuries. 

What happens if I lose the mission in an Invasion battle?

The criteria for leaving the planet is surviving the mission, not winning it. Though this is a great time to invent a special scenario.

Five Leagues questions:

Is the Old Dusty Manual cumulative with other skill bonuses such as those from character origins?


Do you lose the character origin bonus to a skill when you obtain the skill?

No. You add both to skill tests.