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Q&A Round up 7

I take these questions from my email, discord, facebook groups etc based on what questions are interesting, come up a lot etc. 

They are almost never verbatim, since I am usually paraphrasing a couple of questions about the same topic. 

If you leave a question as a comment on the blog directly, I will make sure to include it in next weeks round up. 

Five Parsecs questions:

 Is there any tool that helps add more details to a quest?

Expansion 2 offers more tasks to do as part of the quest, but there is not currently any table with additional fluff text. I do think that was a missed opportunity on my part, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

Why isn't there a Flanking rule?

In my original opinion flanking (as in moving to see the enemy with no cover) already increases your hit chance by 100% (for combat skill 0) so I didn't think it was required. However a lot of people want a mechanic that rewards that sort of maneuvering more explicitly, so you can download the proposed combat test rules on Facebook or Discord (or email me) and test a version that does just that. 

Five Leagues questions:

How do consumables and backpack slots work? 

The intended way they work is that each use of an item is a separate slot. However it is a common house rule to allow identical items to count as one slot like in a video game. I'd suggest limiting it to 3 per slot in that case.

What is the meaning of the reward table for the Fetch mission?

It is just a bit of extra fluff explaining how exactly you get paid for fetching the thing. The payment is your normal post game rewards plus anything listed in the table. I don't recall why exactly I felt that one mission needed more fluff but there you have it. 

General 5 X questions:

Would it be a good idea to have a recurring enemy that gets stronger? 

I think that's a really cool idea. If you face off a leader or personality I would probably make a die roll to see if they survive and become a recurring villain, then give them a new ability or trait. When you encounter another character of that type (f.x. another captain in Leagues) its a 50/50 chance of being your old friend. 

Do I have to declare my shots when I pick who to activate?

No, in both titles we never do anything like that. You always activate one figure at a time, resolve all of their actions (and any outcomes of those actions) and then activate the next figure.

For example if Biff shoots a K'Erin, then when Boff activates next, that K'Erin is gone and does not block movement, sight or anything else you can think of.

Why isn't X in the book?

Pick one of "I didn't think of it" / "I didn't think it would fit" / "It would be too much to explain" / "I just sort of liked the other option better". 

I try to add as many options and customization tools as I can think of but you have to be careful because it is easy for that stuff to get way too complicated.