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Q&A round up 6

Weasel Tech questions

Why is it called that?

For a long time "Weasel Tech" was a fan name for a hypothetical NWG mech game. Once I decided to write one, I wanted to give the fans a nod by using the same name. 

General "5x" questions

Can I loot items off enemies?

Not intended in Parsecs or Leagues. 

If you want to add a house rule you could allow it in Parsecs but the weapon is only usable in the current fight. For Leagues, you might allow replenishing bow ammo if you move into contact with a casualty. 

Five Parsecs questions

Once and for all how do existing Patrons work?

When you create your crew each Patron you have offers you a job in the first campaign turn. 

From campaign turn 2 onwards existing Patrons are just added to your die roll to find a Patron (The more people you know, the greater the chance one of them has something they need done). When you find two or more job offers, randomly pick from your existing Patrons to see who one of them is. 

Once and for all how do quest clues and rumors really work?

I apologize for the convoluted wording. First you can treat "clue" and "rumor" as the same thing if it makes it easier. 

If you don't currently have a quest, any and all clues/rumors regardless of source contribute towards GETTING a quest. (resolved in pre battle step 5). Once you receive a quest, all clues/rumors are discarded.

If you are on a quest, all clues/rumors count towards the current quest (resolved in post battle step 3). Once you complete the quest, all clues/rumors are discarded. 

You can never ever have two potential or ongoing quests at the same time.

Five Leagues questions

When a random item is damaged, do you include items that cannot be damaged in the selection?

Yes. If that item is selected nothing happens. 

Where am I after completing a delve level?

You are camping in the wilderness for the purpose of events and campaign actions.