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Q&A Round up 5

General questions

Do your games use a formula for points values?

Clash on the Fringe did and Laserstorm did. Others generally have not. I find formulas to be really frustrating to work with because it essentially doesn't save you any time.  

Generic rules questions

If a rule just says to place something X inches from a location (like the center of the table) how do I do so?

It usually means to place it randomly. Make an appropriate random direction roll and place it the indicated number of inches in that direction. For example placing something 1D6" from the center would mean rolling a D6 (for distance) and a D10 (for the direction). The raised tip of the D10 is the direction and then move the indicated number of inches in that direction from the center.

Five Parsecs questions

What happens if I don't get a Rival or Patron or Quest?

You fight an Opportunity mission. By the rules you always have a tabletop battle every campaign turn. As a house rule, I don't think it hurts anything if you allow the crew to lay low for a turn, as long as you pay upkeep. 

Is the Seize the Initiative test considered a Savvy test for the purpose of items like the AI Companion?

As intended: Only items and abilities that specifically say they affect Seize the Initiative apply.

Five Leagues questions

Is the route created by the Map Making Kit permanent?

Yes, you will always have that specific route.

I am drowning in discovered locations!

If you are getting overwhelmed by locations popping up, feel free to cap them. A maximum of 5 unexplored locations at any one time is probably plenty. For the purpose of keeping your map tidy, you can have newly placed things coincide with old locations you already explored (even better if you remember what terrain setup you did).