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Q&A Round up 4

General questions

Will you appear on my youtube channel, podcast or other thing?

I am happy to do interviews. Just email me at and we can figure out the details. 

Will you give me feedback on my game?

My time is often limited, but drop me an email and I am happy to talk about it. The odds are better if it is a single, self-contained question. 

If you would like me to do in-depth paragraph by paragraph feedback, I am happy to assist for a fee.

Five Parsecs questions

What happens to Rumors at the conclusion of a Quest?

They are all discarded. 

If an existing Patron offers me a job but I turn it down, do I lose them?

No, Patrons are only lost if you accept the job and fail.

How do Area weapons work when using non-minis combat?

Officially they only hit the target figure like any other weapon. If you want a house rule roll a 5+ to hit a random second opponent. 

Five Leagues questions

Can I sell damaged items?

Yes. The locals just use your cast-off weapons and helmets as scrap metal anyway. 

Does the aberration have to win for the Venom ability to apply?

No. It applies as long as it rolls a 6, even if it lost the exchange.