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Q&A Round up 2

Publishing questions:

Is Nordic Weasel affected by the various OGL talk going on?


What do you think of AI for game design?

At the moment, I think AI can be handy for making some quick drawings. You don't really get the benefits of an actual artist like revisions and you know, actually understanding what you are asking for, but some of the results can be quite fun. Rogue Hammer features a few pieces of AI art and some of them are quite cool.

For rules writing and design, I would say it is not useful currently. It mostly produces the equivalent of that guy in your gaming group who has never read the game you are talking about, but has strong opinions about it regardless.

Will we get more nice looking revamps of old titles?

I would like to for sure, but I am trying to not announce plans until I know they are for sure. 

Five Parsecs questions:

Expansion 2: Expanded mission extraction. Leaving the table in 3 turns is going to be really difficult on a 36x36" table.

Yeah, you should probably increase that to 4 turns on the larger table. 

Expansion 2: Non Minis rules. What happens if there is only 1 enemy left?

If there are less than 3 enemies left and you still have 3+ crew you should still generate 3 firefights. In any "excess" firefights you will fire but they will not. This is not clear in the rules. 

Rogue Hammer questions:

Transported units taking damage seems to be broken.

This will be fixed in 1.04. Transported infantry take 1 damage each time an attack penetrates the vehicles armor, 2 damage if it is wrecked. 

Is there a less open-ended option for measuring between units?

The text box on p.9 suggests using the squad leader figure to measure if you want a fixed point. Of course people using Epic troop stands or similar can just measure normally in any event.