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Q&A Round up 18

As we are getting settled into the new home and the Weasel HQ is taking shape, I wanted to answer a few more general questions that come up from time to time. 

A few may be repeats from elsewhere.

How come you write for smaller gaming tables?

 My gaming table when I started NWG was a round table that was just about 24" across. This was basically the worst possible gaming table, but I was determined to get some use out of it and so I started looking for ways to make the most of it. While I have a nice, big gaming table available now, I still like to cater to smaller sizes. 

I think 3x3 feet  is probably my favourite size of gaming space, but a lot of people have realised that the tight, no-nonsense space of 2x2 feet can be really appealing. I even saw a blog post of someone running Five Men in Normandy on a 12x12" table and that still worked!

What scale do you playtest in?

Unless the game is explicitly written for something particular (like Laserstorm) the original test is always for 15mm figures. 

I don't tend to include adjusted ranges for other scales for two reasons: First because I rarely use them myself and second because the most likely scale people use is 28mm and games written for those figures tend to have movement speeds and weapon ranges that are about what I think feels good in 15mm. So (mostly) everyone is happy. 

Will you ever revisit X?

I have a very long list of old games to revisit for updates. With the new office, I am hoping to be more systematic with that kind of thing. 

The biggest loss of productive time for me tends to be working on a project for a while before realising it's not any good or that it'll turn out to be too much like something else. 

I am also trying to be more guarded about timeframes and plans, since I think that kind of information can often be misunderstood and its easier to just play the cards a bit closer to the chest.

Do you take suggestions?

In the past some games have come about due to fan suggestions (Weaseltech being the most obvious) so it does happen. When it does, it usually happens for quite some time down the road. What happens is this:

I won't do a game unless A: I feel strongly about it. B: I feel like I can put my own spin on things (i.e. make it Weasel-y). 

So sometimes an idea sits for a while before I have a good grip on it.