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Q&A round up 1

I answer a lot of questions but they are scattered across different locations and often don't get noticed. So I am going to try to capture some and post them to the blog every so often.

A round up of various questions from the last weeks. Questions are paraphrased and edited from their original format on facebook, discord or email and are thus not verbatim. 

Publishing questions:

Will the Five Parsecs expansions be available in print?

Yes, once the third expansion is released, the plan is to do a print compendium with some cool bonus content.

Five Parsecs questions:

Expansion 2: The Duck Back dramatic combat rule does not say how far the character moves.

Their basic move. In testing this was 1D6" instead but I decided to cut the die roll out. You can do it either way if you prefer. 

Why don't new characters roll on the character creation tables?

Originally I liked the idea that new arrivals would be blank slates to be developed in the game, but people really enjoy the character creation tables. Until we can make an updated game revision I suggest doing the following:

New characters roll normally but ignore all results of starting Credits.

Five Leagues questions:

How does Defensive Tactics work when I have a Parry?

As intended, Defensive Tactics is meant to use the highest die score, however I don't think you would break anything by letting the player pick either die roll. 

Weasel Tech questions:

Does the PL-C Beam weapon roll two dice to hit or roll once and hit twice?

It rolls two separate attack dice against the first target.

Questions about me:

Is Nordic Weasel Games your main job?