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NWG patreon drive for the future

Greetings gamers. 

As I have alluded to, Nordic Weasel Games is entering what somewhat dramatically could be called the third era with a range of projects being planned.

These include both updates of older titles (including Company Command, No End in Sight and Usurper) and picking back up some projects that have been sitting for sometime (like Five Klicks and Leipzig).

Some of these updates will be a bit more work since they were originally done in OpenOffice format which is not the easiest thing to transition over to Pages which I use now, so they will be a bit more work.

It also includes a lot of exciting and brand new projects like post-post-apocalypse-scifi, more historical warfare, a journaling game, spaceships and more. I would also like NWG to revisit roleplaying games in the coming year or two.

In addition to all of this, I would also like to change the usual approach away from selling expansions and towards more regular updates.

Imagine if we do a new game and instead of having to buy expansions to get new scenarios, units etc. the game just got updated every so often with new stuff so there is always something fun to check in on. Additionally it would just be fitted right into the rulebook (or scenario book or whatever it comes with). 

Other changes will include more open access to games much earlier in the development process and creating a more formal playtester program, which has already begun.

All of this takes time and time is money (or so I am reminded when it’s time to pay my mortgage each month). 

The answer to all this is Patreon. 

So that is where you come in. If you would like to be part of this journey, please consider supporting me at 

In addition to helping all of this come together, at 5 dollars a month you get 2 or more playable game items each month including new and preview material for Parsecs and Leagues and snapshots of upcoming titles. 

At 10 dollars a month, you also get freebies every so often. This has included things like copies of Rogue Hammer but going forward it will also include snapshots of other titles that are getting regular updates. 

If this is not in the cards, a dollar a month will still help quite a lot. 

You can also subscribe for a year, which will give you a small discount and frees both of us from having to worry about it. 

There are tiers above 10 dollars for folks who want to go above and beyond. Currently there are not rewards tied to that, but I will think of some things. 

There are three goals I would like to hit. 

The first is a consistent 1000 dollars a month. We are incredibly close to that. 

The second would be reaching 1500 dollars. If we can get to this point, I will up the freebie snapshots of rule sets to be more frequent: Every other month for 5 dollar supporters, every month for 10 dollar supporters.

If we could blow it out of the water at 2000 dollars, I can commit that the process going forward for anything published through NWG will rely on live updates and no items sold separately unless they are truly massive (like doing a brand new campaign setting for a game). 

Basically this is the stage where I can do what I feel could be really cool: Where players are invested into a game that just keeps getting better and even if you take a break for a while, once you come back there would be a bunch of cool new things to play with.

And while I suspect we won’t hit it, if we somehow reached 3000, that would be the point where we could probably just make everything Pay What You Want up front or something. We can tackle that if it ever gets there.

So if you want to be part of the journey, this is your chance to do so. 

Once again, 

If you cannot do Patreon for some reason, but got inspired, you can also throw money into the hat through Paypal directly at