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Leipzig 007 and 008

I realised I forgot to post on the blog about update 007 so today is a two for one, unless you already checked your Wargame Vault account.

These last two updates bring in Follow On missions (a mission you complete successfully has a chance of spawning a follow on mission, which uses a different objective table) and Patrol missions (missions where the enemy is deployed using "blip" markers that can move erratically and spawn additional enemies. Since some objectives require fighting the enemy and some do not, this should create some interesting moments in trying to figure out the best path forward.

The blip spawn rates on the resolution tables may require tweaking to dial in the difficulty. 

If you are confused about what "Leipzig" is, other than a fun vacation destination, it is a take on the "Five Parsecs" type of engine but for historical games set in the black powder era available here 

At present the rulebook is 25 pages so its still early days but new features are being added pretty regularly now. This is a great opportunity to experience the early days of a ruleset and help shape the way forward as things that are bare bones now (like character advancement) will get fleshed out more in the future. 

One of the things I have missed doing is this level of "living system" development where things can get updated and feedback can come in, in a lively manner, so I am enjoying doing this.