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Five Parsecs expansions + Bug Hunt print book coming

As promised a while ago the print expansion book for Five Parsecs is coming soon. This will include not only all three expansions for Five Parsecs From Home in print format, but also a print version of Bug Hunt for the first time ever.

Preorder should be available before the holidays and people who have purchased the prior expansions will get a discount when preordering. 

The expansions are the Fixer's Guidebook, Traiblazer's Toolkit and Freelancer's Handbook, providing a ton of content to use in your games. 

Whether you are looking to customise core game mechanics such as the difficulty toggles or the non miniatures combat rules,  new character types like Skulkers and psionics, more detail like expanded quest and AI rules or new scenarios like salvage jobs and stealth missions, they are packed with new stuff for your games. 

What about Bug Hunt then? If you are not familiar, Bug Hunt is a set of stand alone rules pitting squads of Unity troopers against the horrors that tend to pop up in abandoned research facilities and remote colonies. Each mission features your squad and supporting troops sweeping an area, accomplishing missions and trying to get the heck out of there before you get overrun. The blip system adds a ton of tension as the enemies keep approaching and you will need every bit of firepower to bring down the hordes when they come at you. Seriously, make sure you paint up some extra baddies because this is a whole different ballgame. 

As with Five Parsecs From Home, it is a campaign game where you gain experience and progress over the course of your career. The game also includes a co-op campaign option that is perfect for a gaming group, club or online community where multiple players can help each other against the alien hordes, even if you are playing across the internet.

This updated version includes all the material from the expansion, including more alien variety, alien sub-types, spawn points and more, for the ultimate "human vs bug" experience. Additionally these options are included in the main rules text, though some are still marked as optional.  And the entire thing will be lavishly illustrated with gorgeous artwork, really bringing the universe to life. 

Did I mention that you can carry your characters over? The games are fully compatible so you can muster out from your bug hunter career and go adventure or vice versa.