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Fantasy KPS is coming

The stars have aligned and I am actively working on the fantasy version of Knyghte Pyke and Sworde. This will also double as basically being KPS2.

The full game will be a sprawling beast with lots of fantasy critters, monsters, magical items and so forth. The scale for those not familiar with KPS is groups of 3 or 6 figures so it is very easy to collect for (if you already play Dragon Rampant just halve all your units. Conversely if you start with FKPS you can later double your units and play Rampant).

The way this will work is a "development preorder". 

For 10 USD (paid to my paypal at ) you both preorder the game and get access to the play test version. 

As of this time of writing elves and horde orcs have both made their appearance but updates will be coming at 5 day intervals until the book is completed. You will have time to give input, catch errors and help influence the game. 

Once the book is finished, you will get a download code to the full version on Wargame Vault so you will also end up saving 5-10 dollars depending on the final book cost. 

Simple? I hope so. Go forth and paint little orcs and elves. You will need them.


To avoid confusion or people being upset at buying the wrong thing, I have taken down the old version of the rules. If you must have a copy of the original, email me and we can figure something out.