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The world of Green

Nobody knows why we came here. We don’t even know when we arrived. The databanks might have the information, but they have been inaccessible for generations. 

What we know is that we did arrive and this is our world.


We don’t know who called it that but it must have seemed natural to the first people to arrive here: The dense jungle that always seems to reach and grasp for any intruder, the cloying air thick with pollen, even the tint of the sun light. It is all green. The old speak of worlds among the stars with other colours: Reds and blues and browns. I wonder what such a world would be like. 

Green is a difficult place to live, but it is also bountiful in its rewards. It feeds us when we are hungry, shelters us when we are cold and heals us when we are sick. But it also kills us when we are unwary. 

Whether you step on the tendrils of a Grasper or fail to hear the humming of a Mind Wiper, Green can be a deadly place.

The Memory-Holders say that when the first people came to Green, they spread out across the world. As no single place could sustain a large population, they had to. Each adapted to the world in different ways, some seeking to exploit it and some seeking to become part of it. Even today the Factions exist in a constantly shifting state: Alliance today may be war tomorrow. We fight for territory, for spoils or for the rights to patrol a bountiful area. Sometimes we fight because that is the way of Green. 

We are not alone. In addition to your Faction and the comrades from your patrol, there are the Kinfriends: Animals that help us work and fight. It is held that the Kinfriends sought us out when we arrived on Green. We taught them new skills in return for their help and now they live among us. While every Faction has its own version of the stories, all agree that Kinfriends are part of your Faction. Only the renegade would disrespect that bond. 

Our patrol is up next. Are you coming? I can show you but you have to do exactly what I tell you. One moment of carelessness could be the death of us both.